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Best Ayurvedic solution for Infertility in Females

There are women out there who are analyzed and tagged as infertile on the globe consistently. Unfortunately, there has been no indisputable and clear finding for this specific condition. There has been no truth found in the allopathic treatment for infertility for women. But there is trust since this infertility treatment can be dealt with by the best Ayurvedic treatment. It might appear to be amazing how these ayurvedic therapies and treatments offer a great guarantee. These medicines managed with some lifestyle changes help women to conceive without any problem

Before jumping into the Ayurvedic treatments or therapies, let’s understand what are the possible reasons for female infertility:

Getting pregnant and carrying the baby for three trimesters is a completely different thing. In some cases, it is seen that a woman gets pregnant and later on has faced some issue which led to infertility. But some of the common infertility issues seen in women are failure to ovulate, Problem in ovulation cycle, infection, structural issues in the reproductive system, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids and autoimmune disorders etc. There are various problems which women face.

We have listed down a few infertility disorders which are commonly seen in the women along with their ayurvedic solutions.

1. Congenital Anomaly: A Congenital Anomaly means the malformation of the reproductive organs. This usually causes difficulty with conception or carrying a pregnancy to the term. Congenital Anomaly can be found during an Ultrasound, Hysteroscopic Exam or a Laparoscopy. Some of the symptoms of this problem are recurrent miscarriages, Tampons not able to adjust and absorb the blood etc.This problem when diagnosed early on can be treated with some simple herbs, combined with some lifestyle changes and yoga asanas will do the trick.

2. Ovulation disorder: Ovulation disorder means the inability to produce the egg every month. Every month women release an egg and if the egg is not fertilized it results in menstruation. If a woman has a problem in releasing the egg then that can cause the complication. These disorders can happen because of Hormone imbalances, Hyperthyroidism, Mineral deficiency, Low body weight, High body weight, Chronic illness and Luteal Phase Defect etc. But there are various herbs which help to provide relief and eradicate this problem such as Kumari, Musli, Shivlingi, giloya, Guggulu, ashwagandha, Shatavari etc.

3. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome): PCOS is nowadays one of the common issues in women. It is a syndrome where many follicles with eggs form but do not mature properly and that results in the inability to ovulate. The commonly seen symptoms of PCOS are excessive hair growth on the face, irregular periods and acne. Herbs which can help in the same are Varuna, Guggulu, Gurmar Buti, Vijaysaar, Kumari etc.

Well, these are some of the common problems which women face when they want to conceive or reproduce naturally. In case you feel that you have any such issue, then don’t worry just get yourself covered and have the Ayurvedic solution for yourself.

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