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Choose Ayurvedic solution for Male Infertility treatment.

You might have heard this term male infertility. The term male infertility is defined as the inability of the male partner to get their female partner pregnant. Male infertility happens due to some kind of problem which sometimes is past hereditary while other Times it's because of the other medical issues.

In humans, it is seen that 40 to 50% of the cases are of male infertility. Now, this is a daunting number. Usually, it is seen that reproduction is a simple process for many while others struggle to start a family. There are several reports available which suggest that there has been a gradual reduction of sperm count of people over time. This has happened because of the dynamic lifestyles. People are not physically active, they have got no time for or exercise, eating junk, indulgence in alcohol and other drugs etc can be some of the reasons.

Now it is commonly asked that is there any way that one can know if they are fertile or not or Are there any visible symptoms of male infertility? Well, there are no visible symptoms of infertility in males as males who are infertile don't face any problem during intercourse. But the only symptom which they experience is when they are unable to start a family or have a baby.

Usually, when male infertility can be diagnosed It is seen that there are separable medical reasons because of which person is unable to start a family. Some of the basic problems which are majorly diagnosed are:
• Azoospermia
• Loss Of Libido
1. Azoospermia is one of the medical conditions where the Semen doesn't have the required amount of sperm. in a healthy male, 15 Million sperm count is required per ml. Sperm count below 15 million is considered as low and the person can have the problem of infertility. Almost one per cent of the male population face this problem. There are three different types of azoospermia. one of the important things to notice is that Allopathic has not been able to get a solution for this but Ayurveda has found a cure to remove the problem of Azoospermia. Many herbs like Muslisafed, Munjatak, Makkhan, Ashwagandha, Shatavari etc are used to cure the problem of Azoospermia to remove male infertility.

2. Loss of libido it means that men who have a low sex drive. It can either happen because of physical or psychological effects. It can happen because of alcohol, drugs or other health issues. There are many psychological factors involved like Stress & Overwork, childhood memories, depression and other related problems with your partner and so on. Ayurvedic treatment for the same includes keeping a check on various levels of metallic preparation to improve the sex drive of the male partner.

We understand your concern that in India getting yourself checked is difficult and people judge you for the same. But at the same time if you wish to start a family then here’s the option for you to get safe Ayurvedic treatment.

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